Blush and summer scent now live!


We are so excited to share that our new Blush candle is now available to buy as both a Medina and Maroc! And our summer scent is officially back! What better way to treat yourself as we inch closer to warmer weather, or to buy as a gift for a loved one - PSA: Mother’s Day is in two weeks!

A quick note on prices - 

You will see that our Blush candle is priced slightly higher than our existing colours. Unfortunately, post-Brexit import tariffs have hit us at the same time as the cost of our ceramics increasing and as a small business, we just can’t absorb these  

We will therefore be increasing our prices across all candles, scents and colours to match those of ‘Blush’, from Monday 8th March. However, the good news is that you have until then to buy all other colours at current prices!

We know many of you have been excited for the summer scent and so we wanted to hold the current prices to give existing customers a chance to buy before they increase. We hope this isn’t too much of a disappointment – please do make the most of this time to place your orders! And thank you again for your continued support. ❤️

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