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Candle Availability

Candle Update!


At last some good and not so good news.


Firstly the reason why we have not had stock available for so long. We are no longer able to use our old supplier, unfortunately they are unable to make the product to the standard we require due to a change in their glazing processes. However the good news after a long search we have found a new supplier and think the new bowls are of a much better quality!

It has taken us some time to find this new supplier but they have now made us some samples that we are very happy with.  However the bad news is that with production lead times and shipping, we won’t be getting them until 2020.

In the meantime, however, we have found a limited number of empty bowls from existing stock in the 6 wick and 12 wick sizes that our candlemaker is making up for us. Once these are done we will update the website to show stock availability. This will not be until early November. We do have a few people who have already expressed an interest in ‘reserving’ one, under no obligation( obviously) so if you are interested please get in touch via  

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