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Maroc Unscented and Scented 12 Wick

Maroc Unscented and Scented 12 Wick

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The Maroc candle is hand-poured in Devon by candle artisans. The candle is 3.5kg of wax with 12 cotton wicks for maximum glow and light cast. Marocs are ideal for indoors and outdoors. Each Maroc bowl is handmade from earthenware clay into a low pottery bowl. Every pottery piece is of exceptional quality with beautiful reactive glazing and hand dipped interior glaze of sky blue. The Maroc has this beautiful blue glaze on the interior of the pottery whatever the exterior colour glaze choice. Every candle is one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly as with any truly handmade artisan product.

They are available with the choice of either Unscented or a delicate Summer Scent of Bergamot & Grapefruit or a Winter Scent

Maroc candles make special gifts or are ideal for a place on a dining, coffee or bedside table and can also be the perfect decor for outdoor entertaining. At 12" diameter this stunning candle can be used almost anywhere in the home, outdoor patio or for alfresco dining. Every piece of pottery can be reused in the home or outdoors after the candle is finished.

Enjoy your patio or outdoor space with the most wonderful ambience of a multi-wick candle, or use indoors in a variety of locations from dining table to bathroom.

The Maroc candle is a beautiful multi wick candle in an earthenware clay low bowl styling with reactive glazing. Each piece is handmade and poured with soy blend wax, 12 wicks and 12inch diameter and 40 hour burn time. The artisan nature of the manufacture means that no two candles are the same.

The Maroc candle is a twelve-wick candle hand poured with premium no-fragrance or scented soy blend wax. Each bowl is one-of-a-kind and handmade in stoneware. The beautiful glaze makes the Maroc is suitable for many purposes once the candle is finished.